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OBZOR, production cooperative, Pilsen

The OBZOR cooperative, which was founded already in 1965, is currently one of the largest suppliers of bowden hoses and bowden connections for the Volkswagen concern with its own development and production of prototypes. The cooperative employs more than 150 workers, at least half of whom are disabled.

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AMATI Kraslice, production cooperative

Traditional Czech manufacturer of brass instruments of the brands AMATI and V.F. Červený continues the more than 350-year history of the production of musical instruments in Kraslice. The combination of modern handcraftsmanship together with an understanding of musicians and their requirements provides the basis for the production of brass instruments of the highest quality.

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Sněžka, production cooperative Náchod

Sewing of headrests for cars and commercial vehicles of renowned automotive brands from textile materials and leather in production plants in Náchod, Benešov nad Černou and Snin (SK).

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KARAT, cooperative

Custom production, repair and sale of jewelry with a tradition since 1945. Own stores in Brno, Znojmo and Třebíč.

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Snaha KV, cooperative

Traditional bag making, upholstery and tarp production.

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